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    Coming Soon! ~Rory the Hippo, Site Author's Pet
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Rory’s First Post!

Hi guys, this is Rory the Hippo!  This is my fist post on my owners Hippoz224’s site!  I am going to show you this picture of a ninja hippo I made (they do exist):

Other than that, I am thinking of putting my own advice column on this site, so maybe look for it soon!

~Rory the Hippo, Site Author’s pet


Rory the Hippos Signature!

When Rory posts this will be his signature:

~Rory the Hippo, Site Author’s pet

There you go, scroll down for Rory information!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

Introducing: Rory the Hippo!!!

Rory the hippo is my pet hippo.  Sometimes, from now on, he will post things on this site.  Here is his picture:

Look for his first post soon!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

New Way to Draw a Hippo!

On my “How to Draw a Hippo” page, I have added a new way to draw a hippo.  And this one I made!  Sorry if it doesn’t look as “professional,” though.  I still hope you like it!

I want your opinion!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

P.S., nobody has left me a TBR, so that offer is still going!  Hurry up and leave one before someone else does!

Writing Hippo!

Here is an awesome hippo that you can make with just a few taps on the keyboard! [I made this.]

Hope you like it!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

P.S., I may or may not have a post tommorow, because I am busy.  I will try to post something, but if I can’t, I’m letting you know ahead of time.


Hi guys!  Look what I made on Sumo Paint!

~Hippoz224, Site Author


Look at these, they are awesome!  I got these from: http://www.enchantingcreations.com/HOME%20GROWN.htm

Potato hippo:

Mushroom snail:

Hahaha!  Very cool!

~Hippoz224, Site Author