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Platform Racing 2!

You know how earlier I mentioned the game Platform Racing onKongregate?  Well I beat it, and now I’m playing #2!  It is even cooler because there are more levels and you can dress up your person! 

Thats about all I have time for – sorry!

~Hippoz224, Site Author


Awesome New Game!

Hi guys, this is Hippoz224!  I was looking for an online flash game to play on www.kongregate.com, and I found one called Platform Racing.  It is awesome!  You try to win races and gain experience, and it is multiplayer.  People from all over the world can play and chat together on it, and I’m thinking of having a party on it soon.

~Hippoz224, Site Author

Rory the Hippos Signature!

When Rory posts this will be his signature:

~Rory the Hippo, Site Author’s pet

There you go, scroll down for Rory information!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

Introducing: Rory the Hippo!!!

Rory the hippo is my pet hippo.  Sometimes, from now on, he will post things on this site.  Here is his picture:

Look for his first post soon!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

Introducing: 3 Days of Saint Patrick’s Day!

For the next three day I am going to have different things that have something to do with St. Patrick’s Day in a post, and since the holiday is on March 17, I am starting today.  Look for the First Day of Saint Patricks Day later today!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

Pi Day!

Today us Pi Day!  You know, 3.14159 etc., etc.  March 14th is Pi Day because it is 3/14, the first three digits of Pi!  Here is Googles logo for Pi day:

        ^G                  ^o              ^o         ^g        ^l         ^e

Well  there you have it, and happy Pi Day!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

Weemee Avatar!

This is a cool program I found to make an online avatar.  Just look up weemee avatar on Google, click the site at the top, and create an acount!

Here is mine:

Well, there you go!

~Hippoz224, Site Author