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Have any of you ever heard of the Smurfs?  It is an old TV show about really small blue-skinned people.  I haven’t actually watched the show, but I think they look really funny!  Here is a picture of a smurf:

There you go, it’s a smurf!

~Hippoz224, Site Author


Rory’s Advice Column!

Hi guys, this is Rory!  My advice column will be coming soon, as some of you might have noticed from the left sidebar.  So look for it soon!

~Rory the Hippo, Site Author’s pet

Weird Hamburger

Here is a picture of a weird hamburger that I made on Sumo Paint:

Well, there you go!

~Hippoz224, Site Author


I only have time for a quick post today, so here it is:


I can yodel!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

Writing Hippo!

Here is an awesome hippo that you can make with just a few taps on the keyboard! [I made this.]

Hope you like it!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

P.S., I may or may not have a post tommorow, because I am busy.  I will try to post something, but if I can’t, I’m letting you know ahead of time.


Here are the reasons I am sorry:

  1. I didn’t post anything yesterday due to the fact that I was very busy.
  2. There is only one reason.
  3. Doesn’t that make 2, though…
  4. Wait–three.
  5. OK, now I’m confused…

Those are the reasons, and I hope you except my apology.

~Hippoz224, Site Author

Ice Cream

Do you like ice cream?  Well, I do.  Especially on a hot summer day.  I got this from http://www.orgs.bucknell.edu/res_halls/RTK/KRSS/K3/index.shtml

OK, “My Life Story–Part 3” will be coming in about four days.  Thanks for your patience!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

P.S., check out the new poll on the left sidebar!