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Have any of you ever heard of the Smurfs?  It is an old TV show about really small blue-skinned people.  I haven’t actually watched the show, but I think they look really funny!  Here is a picture of a smurf:

There you go, it’s a smurf!

~Hippoz224, Site Author


Weird Hamburger

Here is a picture of a weird hamburger that I made on Sumo Paint:

Well, there you go!

~Hippoz224, Site Author


I only have time for a quick post today, so here it is:


I can yodel!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

Writing Hippo!

Here is an awesome hippo that you can make with just a few taps on the keyboard! [I made this.]

Hope you like it!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

P.S., I may or may not have a post tommorow, because I am busy.  I will try to post something, but if I can’t, I’m letting you know ahead of time.


Here are the reasons I am sorry:

  1. I didn’t post anything yesterday due to the fact that I was very busy.
  2. There is only one reason.
  3. Doesn’t that make 2, though…
  4. Wait–three.
  5. OK, now I’m confused…

Those are the reasons, and I hope you except my apology.

~Hippoz224, Site Author

Ice Cream

Do you like ice cream?  Well, I do.  Especially on a hot summer day.  I got this from http://www.orgs.bucknell.edu/res_halls/RTK/KRSS/K3/index.shtml

OK, “My Life Story–Part 3” will be coming in about four days.  Thanks for your patience!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

P.S., check out the new poll on the left sidebar!


This is my first post on hippoz224.wordpress.com!  I will have awesome stuff in the future.  I’ll try to update twice a week, but maybe more or less.  As you might have figured out, I really like hippos.  I spelt “hippos” with a “z” in my title because I think it sounds cooler.

Now a little bit about me.  I like pizza, party’s, and piranhas.  OK, maybe not piranhas.  Do you think I used to many p’s?  This next fact might not be important, but I am one of those people who says OK, and not okay.  I like to abbreviate, so don’t be surprised if I say things like lol and rofl.  (Those stand for lots of laughs and rolling on floor laughing)  Well, look forward to later pastas.  I mean posts…  I think I’m geting hungry.  cya (see ya/you.  I guess a more acurate term would be write to you later…)