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How to Draw a Hippo

Before we start, this is where I got it from: http://www.how-to-draw-funny-cartoons.com/cartoon-hippo.html

How to draw a cartoon hippo

This tutorial will help you learn how to draw a cartoon hippo. This big and slow animal can be really cute with its two small teeth and large body.

An Hippopotamus can live on land as well as in the water! Let’s see if you are up to the task of drawing a nice and funny hippo!

How to draw a cartoon hippo 1

The first step is quite simple. Just draw a big circle to create the mouth and then add two small circles on top to form the eyes. Just make sure the eyes are a little more on the right (compare to the mouth).

How to draw a cartoon hippo 2

Next, sketch another circle behind the eyes to form the head of the hippo. When you are done, draw a big oval shape to represent the body. This shape should touch the head and the mouth of the hippo.

How to draw a cartoon hippo 3

Continue sketching your hippo by adding four rectangles. Two will be used for the ears and the other two for the legs. Make sure that the legs are short but very large.

How to draw a cartoon hippo 4

Now it’s time to refine our drawing. Work on the outline of the mouth of your animal. You should sketch a little round shape to illustrate the nose of the hippo on the top right section of its mouth.

How to draw a cartoon hippo 5

The outline of the body shouldn’t be too hard to achieved. Just make sure that the body looks heavy and round.

How to draw a cartoon hippo 6

We are almost done! You can now add the legs on the opposite side of the hippo. Once you are done, just draw a small tail on the back of the body. Yo can also work on the ears to make them more enjoyable.

How to draw a cartoon hippo 7

Finally, just work on the eyes and add the pupils. Next, add some circles to create the nose and draw some rectangles to illustrate the teeth.

How to draw a cartoon hippo 8

If you wish, you can add some purple or some gray to complete your drawing. And there you have it! A lovely hippo ready to play in the water! I hope you enjoy this tutorial!


OK, this is me posting now.  I followed these directions, and here is the result I made on Sumo Paint:

I am now going to show you a different method of drawing hippos, that I made up.  I think it is pretty good, too!  Check it out;


How to Draw a Hippo–My Style!

The first step of drawing a hippo (whenever I say “drawing a hippo,” it means my way) is to draw three ovals.  The bottom one is the biggest, and will be the body, the middle one will be the smaller, and it will be the nose, and the third one will be the same size as the second one, and will be the head.

The second step is to make six circles.  Two where the eyes will be (in the top circle), two where the nostrils will be (in the middle circle), and two where the ears will be (on top of the top circle).

Next, for the third step, place two squares beneath the bottom circle (they will be the legs).

After that comes the fourth step.  Add the back legs by placing lines, and make a small tail on the right side of the (soon to be) hippo.

For the fifth step, we are going to add detail.  Attach the legs and ears to the body, and make the eyes be together (optional).

For the sixth step, last but not least, we need to add color!  Some good color suggestions are purple or pink for a girl hippo, or blue or green for a boy hippo.  The color grey works for either boy or girl.

There you have it!  A second way to draw a hippo, and this way, remember, I made myself!  (I made the pictures on Sumo Paint)  I hope you like both of them, because I know I sure do!

~Hippoz224, Site Author


3 Responses

  1. Tell me if you like this method of drawing a hippo! Oh, and just so you know, the hippo looks good with the color blue, too.
    ~Hippoz224, Site Author

  2. I loved this hippo cartoon page and your site that mentions HIPPOS! I will add this page about how to dray a hippo on my website, as long as you keep the link active and accurate. Thank you for mentioning my HIPPOS! website.

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