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My Life Story

I am making a cool and funny story called “My Life Story.”  I will post all the parts to it here once I publish it in a post.  Oh, and just so you know, this is FAKE!  (Unfortunatly…)

My Life Story–Part 1

My life started when I was born.  When my family was travelling the world, I fell out of the plane and landed in a jungle.  The jungle was home to the best animal ever; the hippo.

I was raised by hippos for three years, and learned to like them.  By the time I was four, though, I was stolen by ninjas.  I lived and became a ninja, longing for the days with the hippos.  I trained with them until I was good enough for revenge.  I defeated all of them and took a jet back to my home.  Unfortunatly, it crashed and I was marooned on an island.

By this time I was nine years old.  One day while I was eating a mango, a pirate ship came.  While all of the pirates were looking for treasure, I stole their ship and sailed the seas.  After a few months, I ended up in Japan.  I caused quite a commotion, and a samurai warrior challenged me.  I battled him, and won.

I got some money by inventing a program called Microsoft, sold it to some guy (I think his name was Bill or something..), and took an airplane back to the hippos who raised me.  When I got there, I found out they all had snuck up to live in a cave in Mexico, so thats where I went.  When I got to them, they greeted me and told me they were going to the USA.  They all snuck across the border easily, but I didn’t have a passport.

By the time I was eleven, I had hitchhiked with a guy up to the US.  When we got there, he kicked me out and left me in Texas, where I had to live off of barbeque for six months.

My Life Story–Part 2

Besides eating barbeque, in Texas I learned many things.  One of them was cooking meats that weren’t chicken like they were chicken.  Also, I made my living as a cowboy while I was stuck there.  By the time I was twelve, I was ready to move on.  I had no idea where the hippos had gone, so I decided to move north into Canada.

Once there, I found no hippos whatsoever.  All I found were a bunch of hockey players and fancy ham.  I thought long and hard while I was in Canada, and I decided my life wasn’t going the way I had planned it.  So, I easily built a time machine and went back in time.

I set the knob to “Take Me Back Ten Years” mode, and hit the button.  Unfortunatly, I had misread it.  I had actually had it set to ten million years.  I walked out of the time machine and realized my mistake.  I was surrounded by dinosaurs and cavemen.  I decided I should head back, but at that time a caveman threw a rock at the machine and it blew up.  Uh-oh!

Three super electrical rays shot out of the time machine.  One hit me, and I noticed that I was de-aging.  I was now four years old!  One hit a caveman, and it gave him the ability to speak english.  The third one hit a dinosaur and it transformed into a hippo!  After we chatted a while, (yes, I do speak hippo) we all agreed on one thing.  We would work together to get me back to my own time!  With all of us working together, I knew we could do it!  The only problem was that we di

My Life Story–Part 3

dn’t have any tools.  All we had was, umm…  Nothing.  So I decided invent something.  I quickly made a wheel out of clay and rocks, and showed it to the caveman.  He liked it a bunch, and so he showed it to some of his friends.  He let them keep it, and in return, we got some tools.  Five days later, it was good as new.

I said good-bye to my friends and got in the time machine.  I wanted to go back home.  I set the knob, and accidentally bumped a lever.  I had know idea where the time machine would take me now.  It shook and rocked, but eventually it settled down.  I got out, and what did I see?  Vikings!

And again, the time machine blew up.  I was stuck with the vikings.  I was so miserable that I decided to just stay with them.  I walked over to one and noticed he was talking on a cell phone.  That was weird.  I didn’t know they had cell phones back then.  I tapped him on the shoulder, but even I knew vikings didn’t speak english.

To my surprise, he did.  And here is what he said:  Dude, why are you, like, in the museum?  It closed four hours ago! 

I was now very surprised, but I was starting to understand things.  I looked around and saw that I was in a modern-day museum!  I was in my own time!  And in that second, I decided one thing; I would stay there.

The End

I hoped you liked the series.  I decided three parts was enough.  I’ll have more stories in the future you can look forward to, though!

~Hippoz224, Site Author


3 Responses

  1. Here is a notice, only for those who are special enough to read this. (anybody) There are going to be more than two parts. How many: not even I know.

  2. Are there going to be more than three? I hope so, I like the series! You should make at least five.

  3. i love the series

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