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The Third day of St. Patricks Day!

Find four differences:

~Hippoz224, Site Author


St. Patricks Day, day 2!

Heres another picture:

~Hippoz224, Site Author

For the First Day of Saint Patrick’s Day…

For the first day of Saint Patricks day, I give to all you people, this picture I made on Sumo Paint about your favorite green holiday!

Here’s to the first day of St. Patricks Day!  Yeah!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

Introducing: 3 Days of Saint Patrick’s Day!

For the next three day I am going to have different things that have something to do with St. Patrick’s Day in a post, and since the holiday is on March 17, I am starting today.  Look for the First Day of Saint Patricks Day later today!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

Pi Day!

Today us Pi Day!  You know, 3.14159 etc., etc.  March 14th is Pi Day because it is 3/14, the first three digits of Pi!  Here is Googles logo for Pi day:

        ^G                  ^o              ^o         ^g        ^l         ^e

Well  there you have it, and happy Pi Day!

~Hippoz224, Site Author


Here is a banana:

~Hippoz224, Site Author

New Way to Draw a Hippo!

On my “How to Draw a Hippo” page, I have added a new way to draw a hippo.  And this one I made!  Sorry if it doesn’t look as “professional,” though.  I still hope you like it!

I want your opinion!

~Hippoz224, Site Author

P.S., nobody has left me a TBR, so that offer is still going!  Hurry up and leave one before someone else does!